Welcome to Walking Awake, “Queen of the Faeries” Blog!

Hello Friends! I’m Denise, the creator of Walking Awake and I am thrilled that you have found your way to “walking awake” with us! If you have had the opportunity to read my book, or have attended one of our workshops or pilgrimages you have seen a glimpse of how I see and connect with Nature, and how Nick and I weave together our love of adventure, Nature, poetry, story, song, words from the wisdom keepers, and all things Celtic into all we do.

Orb in WomensiteWe’re new at blogging however, both Nick and I look forward to sharing some of our Walking Awake moments here with you and we hope you will stop back and check-in from time to time to see what we have posted!

Oh! Why the Queen of the Faeries”? Well, as I mention in my book, a dear friend of mine gave me this nickname many moons ago! She said it was because of my ability to see things 'differently', my magical connection to kids and animals and Nature, and my belief and persistence in discovering the magic in everyday life. Initially, I resisted the nickname however, over time, I have learned to love and embrace this beautiful archetype and to accept its presence in my life.

I look forward to sharing a magical moment with you very soon!

May we always “Walk Awake”!

(aka: QofF)

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Rev. Melissa Hill Greenbaum

Walking Awake became a part of my daily morning meditation and prayer. I felt each picture and quote drew me to nature's heartbeat. I am reminded when I reflect on the pictures and words in this book of how deeply connected our hummanity is with nature. I notice nature's faces now as I go about my outdoor activities or are they getting my attention? Either way, Denise has made conscious the ever ongoing dialogue between myself and God's beautiful Earth. This book is a blessing to read and reflect upon daily. Thanks Denise for bringing such beauty into my heart every time I look at nature through your lens in this book. Blessings are cover to cover!
~Rev. Melissa Hill Greenbaum