I do believe in an everyday sort of magic -- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone.Charles de Lint

About the Book “Walking Awake: The Faces in Nature

Crawn-Front-Cover-Panel 500The book “Walking Awake: The Faces in Nature” was sparked, birthed, and flowed into its first form within one week early in the year 2012. It was later edited, reshaped and published into how it appears today. I had no idea I was going to create a book prior to that week. As in the Charles de Lint quote above, it was a magical encounter with a “whispered voice” a “hidden presence” that brought it forth. Here is how it all unfolded…

In early 2012 my personal-life, career, friendships, community associations, and even my health was in full throttle transition. While on the outside I was doing my best to hold it all together, inside my mind was a whirlpool of scenarios and mantras, my heart was grieving for what was, what could’ve been, and what wouldn’t be, and my spirit was just plain exhausted. I felt very alone. Spiraling back to my roots, I could feel Nature calling me home. I listened to that calling and went deep into the woods to a hidden spot where no other human was present (nor likely to even know about). I went with the intention of asking Nature to help me reclaim inner peace and balance, to help me center into my true path. When I look back on that day I realize that I was also in need of a safe place to release my frustrations, my disappointments, and my fear. It was very quiet there, just me and the trees. It wasn’t long before the silence was broken with me bellowing out the words “I feel so alone!” achingly into the depths of the forest. It wasn’t a conscious yell. I didn’t plan on doing it! In fact, I was very surprised when I heard my voice echoing amongst the trees! Heart CloudAfter I was finished keening, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and the forest was once again quiet. Then, I heard a voice… “Look over here!”. When I sheepishly looked in the direction of the voice I expected to see another human being however, there was no-one there. What I did see was a very clear, beautiful, peaceful face in a tree! I froze in place and starred in silent wonder. Suddenly, I heard another voice close behind me… “You are not alone!” and again, expecting to see a person standing there, I turned around. Instead of a person I saw another clear, comforting, face in a tree! I have revisited that moment time and time again over the years since, and whether I attempt to assign those voices to my subconscious, or a universal consciousness, or to my guides, ancestors, faeries, guardian angels, or my various images of God - in the end - for me - all that really matters is that I heard the voices and that I allowed myself to be fully present in that moment. In what I initially perceived as one of my darkest moments, Nature shined a spotlight on what would (later) become my ministry. I began to “Walk Awake”!

Heart CloudAfter I sat in awe with these Nature Beings for quite some time, I took a photograph of each tree. I went home and while mentally beginning to process my encounter, I began to upload the photos on my computer. Out of curiosity I took a look back through my many folders of Nature photos. It was then that I discovered that I had been capturing photos of faces, and hearts and hidden presences in Nature for years! However, I was never really “awake” enough in the past to actually see them! Nature had ALWAYS been communicating with me, I just wasn’t listening until that moment! I soon began gathering my photos together and coupling them with age old wisdom quotes and the first edition of “Walking Awake: The Faces in Nature” was born.

Kindness treeToday, my relationship with Nature and my ministry continues to unfold, and I am loving the adventure! I share my ministry through my weekly email Nature meditations, and with those who choose to join me on my guided walks, workshops, and pilgrimages. I no longer feel alone with Nature at my side, and I remain forever open to the everyday sort of magic that exists when we remember to “Walk Awake”.

In Gratitude,

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About the Author/Founder of Walking Awake

Denise Crawn ordained Interfaith Minister through One Spirit Interfaith SeminaryDenise Crawn Prance: Owner of Walking Awake, author of Walking Awake: The Faces in Nature, and creator of the inspirational card deck “Walking Awake in Nature”.

Denise is an ordained Interfaith Minister through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, NYC. On occasion she still performs the traditional ministerial rites of passages such as weddings, blessings, and memorials however, Denise in CornwallDenise’s ministry has evolved to focus mostly on guiding and mentoring others on their journey to become more aware, awake and fully present to their own innate connection with Nature. Once upon a time (not so long ago) she encountered a Circle of Standing Stones at Columcille Megalith Park Denise and Nick at Iona Abbey in her former home state of Pennsylvania which called her to visit the tiny Hebridean Island of Iona, Scotland. Ten years later, on one of her many returns to Iona she met her husband, Nick Prance on a ferry and so began their “Ferry Tale” come true. Denise and Nick now reside in Scotland together and enjoy leading and co-leading workshops on both sides of the pond, pilgrimages to Iona and other sacred sites throughout the U.K.

VIDEO: Walking Awake; The Faces in Nature: The messages await you, if you “Walk Awake”!

Reviews of “Walking Awake: The Faces in Nature”


Walking Awake is truly like a walk through a world that is beautiful and surprising. And yet it is the same world we all live in. But Denise Crawn's mystical eye found the places where that world looks back at us, and she has captured them in remarkable photographs. The many quotes from people who have lived in our world throughout the centuries remind us that there is a long, rich tradition of finding spirit and personality in the natural world. Denise Crawn is a valuable guide. Walk with her.
~ Tom Cowan, Author/Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher 

Walking Awake became a part of my daily morning meditation and prayer. I felt each picture and quote drew me to nature's heartbeat. I am reminded when I reflect on the pictures and words in this book of how deeply connected our humanity is with nature. I notice nature's faces now as I go about my outdoor activities or are they getting my attention? Either way, Denise has made conscious the ever ongoing dialogue between myself and God's beautiful Earth. This book is a blessing to read and reflect upon daily. Thanks Denise for bringing such beauty into my heart every time I look at nature through your lens in this book. Blessings are cover to cover!
~Rev. Melissa Hill Greenbaum

Denise truly is the Queen of the Fairies as she takes your hand and guides you through the world as seen through her eyes. She has an uncanny eye, capturing things which escape us mere mortals. This book is a blessing, and will open your heart to a deeper appreciation of nature.
~ Mark Lichty

Denise Crawn has a beautiful gift. She can see and live in the worlds of Nature and Spirituality and her photographs reflect her inner eye which she has honed to a fine point. Her photos grab you. The quotations accompanying the beautifully laid out images enhance the wisdom she imparts to the reader.
Having met the author for the first time recently, I can see in her a world of vast beauty. I hope she writes more books with her stunning eye for the soul of God in Nature.
This book would make a lovely gift for any loved one…
~ Nancy R. Wilson

This book is a must have for ALL nature lovers, ALL life lovers, and anyone who is a spiritual seeker. Actually, everyone should own a copy of this book! It is filled with beautiful, awe-inspiring photographs and life affirming quotes. In a world that has become more and more insulated, this book gently and tenderly reminds us of our interconnectedness with one another, with nature, with the Divine. Denise Crawn's Walking Awake: The Faces in Nature is a real joy and a true treasure!
~ A. Pohland Davis

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Walking Awake offers a variety of retreats and workshops at various locations throughout the US and UK. We love to travel for book signings, guided walks in nature, workshops, and retreats. For more information contact Denise.

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